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DragonOak's Wood Crafted Magickal Items

DragonOak's Pagan Wood Shop, http://www.dragonoak.com , creates handcrafted items that are magickal and made with love. Our designs offer pagan symbolism that is historically correct and modeled after your path. These items are created with magick in mind, imbued with magickal elements, and made by one who follows the ancient path. In creating a magical item DragonOak uses 3 key concepts which ask some very important questions:

Are the materials significant to the path, and do they correspond to the correct elements? Are they historically correct?

Was the item created for a magical purpose? Remember magic begins in the mind with the inspiration.

Does the crafter honor and value the path of the items being made? Is the energy positive and loving?

By following these concepts and crafting items with positive magical intent they provide one of the highest sources of magic you can find. Only items made by you personally will be blessed with a higher source of magic.

Our items are timeless. These are legacy pieces meant to last and pass down to the next generation. All our work is pieced together by hand from raw materials. Our products are each hand wood-burned, not stamped or embossed. No two pieces will be exactly alike even using the same design.

DragonOak's Art of Creating Witchcrafted Magickal Ritual Tools Click Here for More Info

The Birth of DragonOaks Pagan Woodshop

Having operated our own metaphysical shop, DragonOak and Gypsy Beth found the wholesale market lacking in some key products. We at Ancient Wisdom and Dragonoakā€™s Wood Shop set out to right that wrong. We had many requests over the years for runes more like that which Odin made that first time, our natural Odin's Choice wooden runes fulfilled their need. Every time we got anything in that closely resembled an altar it sold immediately and everyone was looking for tarot boxes that were special and unique. Many wanted a box that would accommodate their cards, book, and cloth, or to carry their ritual items from grove to mountain and back, hence our altar/tarot box was born, along with a variety of tarot boxes and altars. Spirit Boards will never go out of style, and ours are infused with 9 moon elements, placed inside the planchette, that serve to increase the boards power as a tool of divination. Our Spirit Boards are signed and numbered by DragonOak personally.

We, at DragonOak's Pagan Wood Shop, empower the customer, with many options and the offer of custom built products. Whatever the need, we work closely with each customer to create just the right piece. We operate our business on the old business models where the customer is always right and that if it were not for them, we would have no reason to do what we do.

We do all the work ourselves, and have no other employees. All the work is done by hand and each piece is created using the same board or branch to keep with the continuity of the tree and nature. Our stains and finishes are kept as natural as possible.

We welcome all to check out our website http://www.dragonoak.com. We specialize in Pagan items, but have also custom designed many non-pagan items, which make wonderful gifts. Since we do custom building and designs, we are very versatile in our ability to create something personally significant to your tastes and needs. Visit us, save us to your favorites, and visit often.

Custom Samples

Custom Sample

Custom Designed Full Sized Pine Cabinet Altar, Pictures below are example only!

Custom Designed Pagan Metaphysical Altars

Custom Design Your Own Altar.

This is your chance to put your design ideas on your own personal altar. The ultimate personalized piece, hand crafted by DragonOak exclusively for you!

Custom Designed Pagan Metaphysical Altars

Individually Unique Item to your Spefications as agreed below. Pictures are for example only This price covers designs in the number and size relationship of the altar shown. This price is based on an altar of pine wood, app 18" X 11 1/2" X 30" tall, and similar number and detail of your designs If your design requires more or is more elaborate there may be an additional cost.

Custom Designed Pagan Metaphysical Altars

Don't think you have artistic ability? That's OK! Send us graphics or links to graphics that can be copied and we will put them on this custom designed altar. We do not charge for the graphics, only for the time and work it takes to modify them to size, and wood-burn them. Add your own words or pick a common phrase. Put the names of your personal deities on your altar. This is your chance to express your own true self.

Custom Designed Pagan Metaphysical Altars

Since we will be starting from the build up on this altar, if you would like a slight size variation we can do it here (this may result in an added fee). placing your order for your custom altar

Custom Designed Pagan Metaphysical Altars

All designing and sizing requirements would be settled by email prior to placing buy it now order and invoice. (see email below) Please realize that it may take several weeks to complete this project, depending on a variation of conditions including the amount of time it takes to work out the details, building the altar, the number of designs and time it takes to modify your graphics, how many orders DragonOak has on the wood-burn table, etc.

Once an agreement to all the design and size requirements is met, and an invoice is paid, there will be no refunds issued as this is your custom made altar. Please allow 6 to 10 weeks for completion!

Be aware that shipping on packages over 80" in length and girth (length + distance around the package) receives a sir charge from the shipping agency. Please calculate the shipping cost (add 2" to each dimension for packing material) and include it in all your calculations.

Custom Samples